Hi guys and gals.

Iv for a Blackstar HT5 Mini stack that im considering selling for £325, its a great amp with only some home use and its in very good condition, this amp comes with the Blackstar HT-5RH head with two 1x12 Blackstar voiced speaker cabinets.

I love this amp and i got it when i was about to start playing in a local band and wanted an amp i could use live but unfortunetly before anything could go further work forced me to more away. This amp comes with a build in reverb function and has a very versatile tone which can go from blues to hard rock to metal.

I am currently based in Doncaster and am willing to travel a little to sell the amp but I dont think it would be possible to post this amp.

Unfortunetly i dont have any pictures of i atm but below iv posted a link to a piture of the ht-5 brand new. If you want more details or want to make an offer please PM me and I will try and upload photos soon.


Thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing back
Bump with a price reduction to £300, i am quite dissapointed to have to sell this amp, its great but its just to big for me atm as i need to downsize and i am needing the money to reinvest into a smaller amp
Sent you a private message about it. Would definitely be interested in this.