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I've made this guitar riff recently but I can't play it very smoothly so I was wondering if you guys had any ideas to make it easier. Perhaps using different strings or ditching some notes? The major trouble I have is changing position, is this just a matter of practice or is there an easier way I'm not seeing with this tab.

130 bpm
Standard tuning
Guitar riff.pdf
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Start slow and work your speed up with a metronome.

Barre the B and G strings with your index finger and shift it as needed.
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Yep, work on barring the B and G strings like rockingamer2 said. Sit down for 30 minutes and just play it over and over and over, you'll get it. Did you write this with distortion in mind? Or is it clean? If its distorted then you'll have to work on controlling that distortion when you bar the two strings.
One thing you might try if you're having trouble changing position (although I agree with the other guys... practice!), is to rewrite the parts where you have to change position so that you don't. Shift the notes down a string so that they're up in the same neighborhood as the ones on the higher string.

'course, in this riff it looks like doing that would put you up in the 19 area, so that may not be a good idea. But in general, when I want to simplify a riff that has a tricky position shift, that's how I do it.