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Honestly I never knew there was a Gibson bashing bandwagon until I was in here for a few weeks.

I just got to a point in my life where I can afford to buy the things I want and like to get the best.

I go guitar shopping on a regular basis with friends at many many new and used stores in my area (gigging and non giggers) Many of us see no reason to justify spending so much buying a Gibson (or Epi).

A $600 Schecter,prs,jackson ect IS better than a $600 Gibson.

30-40 years ago I can see why people would gravitate twords Gibson and Fender, they were the best of that era. But now guitar manufacturing by machine has gotten to be as good as "handbuilt" (remember most of Gibsons parts are mainly machine carved out of wood 4-5 at a time now) so "hand built" is kind of deceiving. All guitars are hand built. And now with plek machines there is less people hours in building a Gibson than ever before.

My point is for less than a 1/3 of what a "good" Gibson costs you can buy something that plays as well and sounds just as good and built in a more consistant manor to where if you wear one out, or it gets broken or stolen you can get another that is exactly the same without hunting and hoping you will find one that works and feels the same as the one you are replacing. And I just throw that out there, if Tthat is on the anti-Gibson bandwagon than you can suck my balls.

I have no brand preference, I just like well built, good playing cool looking guitars. And for me Gibson is not one of those. But with that being said I would still maybe like to get a Firebird or Explorer or V someday.

As far as this site I see far more postings in here that seem to be by people planted in here from various manufacturers plugging/suggesting their products. I also find it quite disturbing that a site that reviews and discusses products also is now in the business of selling the same products.
What the hell!!!
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How much did Schecter pay you to say this shit?
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Please understand how little we as a community care
was I plugging Schecter in that, where? go back to suckin your mamys teet
What the hell!!!
no, its just a stooped forum just having some fun pointing obvious stuff out
What the hell!!!
Clearly you're angry, otherwise you wouldn't be having such pointless rants.

But seriously, stop posting. All you've done on this thread is spread how much you hate Gibson's. Nobody cares if you hate Gibson's.
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Please understand how little we as a community care
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I was just pointing out me a PRS or Schecter is a better guitar then the Gibson being compared to, that's the whole point of the jumped me as usual
What the hell!!!
You didn't need to get into a hissy fit to say that, you know.
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Please understand how little we as a community care
it was fun for a bit....gonna go and play guitar while you guys just talk about it
What the hell!!!
Yes, it's a funny thread. I don't know for sure but I suspect that the average poster here is younger than other forums I visit. That said, my choice on this thread would be the PRS SE Custom 24 but this is not based on Gibson hating or anything like it. Personally, I find Gibsons to be pretty consistently good guitars with very good tone. The Juniors aren't the best instruments they make and personally, I find them as overpriced as all the other Gibsons for what they are but that's just me. If you really want a Gibson and you have the money then that's your choice and you'll have a really excellent guitar. The reasons I don't care for them are simple:

1) Too heavy
2) No trem
3) Only a single cut, which I don't like
4) Lots of guitars that suit MY needs better out there, usually for less money

For some people those reasons may seem daft but it's a personal choice and that's just the way I feel. I was once loaned a Gibson Les Paul Standard for a couple of weeks and it was a beautiful guitar but within a week I was almost exclusively playing the MiM Strat I had again as I simply preferred it. Sometimes what we prefer in guitars defies logic.

Schecters also seem like good guitars to me and they give you a lot more 'guitar' for your money than Gibson but for me, other guitars just 'felt' better and personally, I've always found them to be a bit bland.

When I bought my PRS SE Custom 24 it was secondhand and was only bought as a backup guitar as my main instrument was my Japanese Jackson Soloist. Surprisingly, I REALLY liked it from the moment I picked it up. The finish is excellent, the feel is superb, upper fret access is fantastic and it's very versatile. Stock pickups were surprisingly good, though I now have it loaded with Bare Knuckles and I use it for easily more than half of our set. I have found the finish to be better than any other Korean made guitar I've tried, better than my old MiM Strat and certainly as good as my Japanese Soloist. I even think it stands up pretty well to many American Fenders and Gibsons and is even better than some of them. My only two issues with it has been the completely flat top (now fixed on the new model) and the very poor positioning of the selector switch (also now fixed on the new model) but other than that it's perfect. Give it a really good, professional setup and fit some top drawer pickups and I reckon it will stand comparison with any guitar that is twice the price. Many will profoundly disagree with me and that's their right but for me, the PRS would be the clear winner.
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