Hi All,

I joined this site to get some expert advice from other Guitar fanatics, as I am not one myself. My 18 year old nephew got a guitar for Xmas, and its his birthday coming up soon.

I thought of buying him a DVD showing him how to do some awesome guitar licks/riffs or maybe a book that someone else can recommend ????

He seems to be keen on Phoenix, Fall Out Boy, Biffy Clyro, Queen Kwong, Bakken, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Lost Prophets ....hope this gives a kinda taste of the kind of music he likes.

Any ideas you have got regarding birthday presents....dvd/books/etc will be gratefully received by me.

Thanks Folks XX
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How thoughtful

Well if it's his first guitar, I would just aim for a general teaching dvd set that gets good reviews--maybe specifically rock, and supplement those with any number of tab books from his favorite bands so he can get right to it!

Good luck!
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