Hi, I've recently received a multiple effects pedal, many of the effects aren't used in the genre I like (or so I think)
Could you tell me some pop punk/ Emo songs that use the popular Boss Pedals?
Was it the Boss Me-50 or 60 or something? Sell it for other pedals. Those things aren't good for much outside of bedroom rocking.

Reverb is going to be a big one, but to my memory, the reverb option isn't that well fleshed out on those pedals. A lot of bands use delay as well, obviously overdrive is going to be an essential.
It's the Boss me-70, and I am just a bedroom rocker, not thinking of doing much more than that for a few years really
Ahh, then yeah, that'll probably cover all your needs. I was never able to get a solid distortion/overdrive sound out of that thing, though.

You can do a lot with post rock and that thing that would sound good. Also, there's a small loop function that can help you write that's pretty nifty.