Hey guys.

Since I dont have any decent rooms or space to record my guitar amp through a mic, Ive been looking at Amp Sims.

One of my favorite bands is Rammstein, And I really love their tone. So when I found out about Rammfire, I was very happy indeed.

But Im Wondering, Does Rammfire Really simulate Rammsteins tone well? From anyone who has it and is a fan of rammstein, Can it pull of their modern guitar tone? (Reise Reise, Gib Mir Deine augen) or is it only based around earlier tones? (That sharp tone from Buck Dich and Sehensucht)

I suppose you've heard these demos already:

You should be able to get tones like the ones you mentioned, but I think it would require some time and effort to program it for your taste.
You can download the demo of Rammfire here to see if you like it.

Also, if you PM your e-mail or something, I might be able to send you a Rammstein-like Guitar Rig preset, it wasn't made by me, but I can't remember where I found it. Maybe that'd be good too, and you wouldn't have to pay for that (if you have guitar rig ofc, but you also need that for Rammfire).
Thanks Very Much Guys. Searching through the internet some people seem to like it. Some people dont. Petzakecske I will PM you my email, would be good to get some decent presets Thanks
Good point. Richard uses it to record demos. I do, too. It sounds great, and it's only $40 or so. I use it with the Guitar Rig Player, because I don't need any other features.
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