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dude the idea is really awesome i really dig the djenty stuff, i love how it starts off in an upbeat major key and progresses into a more technical djenty breakdown. the leads are fantastic, very expresive, my one criticism is to cut down a bit on the gain for the rythmm tracks less is deff more in progressive metal. heres my stuff im still a newb to mixing but tell me what u think!
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This is great. Periphery is awesome and I love that style of music and guitar playing. The rhythm is solid and heavy and the leads are clean and technical and fit well in the track. Drums are spot on as well. I think the mix sounds awesome, Nice work man! I'd love to hear more.

If you get a chance, give my track a listen. Its a kind of post hardcore/progressive song. Any input you have would be awesome, looking to make the next mix better!
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Loving this bro. The intro not amazing but the grooves are sweet and I love how at one part it's pure "happy metal"

Good work man, keep it up!
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I like the drum tone, but I find the kick and cymbals are too loud and the snare is almost inaudible when everything else is playing.
I also agree with the "less gain" criticism from earlier.

Production aside, the composition is pretty cool. Nice work.
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Really great music and mixing, I would of had the snare a bit louder. Plenty of gain on the lead setting, and either less gain on rythym or a bit quieter. But, ****ing brilliant though.
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That was amazing. I agree that the snare could have been louder, but the rest of the mix is great, and the songwriting is impeccable. Good job.
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Thanks everyone, I'm expecting my friend to send me a mix with less gain so I'll see how that sounds
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This was cool man. I'm not a huge fan of bands like Periphery and Animals as Leaders but I have a few of their songs on my current mix and definitely respect the genre. The mix is well done and all the instruments sound exactly as they should (though synths could have come up a tad, and there could have been more). The first minute was definitely the best, everything transitioned nicely and the tension and riffs were dynamic and exciting. After that though was just mediocre. None of the original riffs really came back (yes I understand its supposed to be proggy and go different places) but I would have liked to hear the intro riff(s) or verse repeated somewhere later on. Also I couldn't really tell which part was the chorus. That needs to be easy for any listener to know exactly when they hear it.

Is the song done? If so I'd say slap some vocals on and it should be good, but I think better if the second half of the song received some more writing attention. The leads are really nice in most parts although some I liked less (i.e. 1:17-1:40). The transition at 0:45 is def my favorite part of the song, its just so epic and upbeat. That riff needs to come back. Finally, 1:41-2:06 would work really well as an outro riff for the end of the song IMO. I'd love to hear it if you do more stuff to it.

c4c here
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I'm definitely not writing for an average listener but thanks anyway. I agree with some compositional things you said. I think adding vocals can make some parts more sensible.
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I'm not normally a huge fan of this style of music, but I think this actually sounds really good. I've recently been getting into some really melodic prog stuff, and I quite like what you're doing here. As far as quality goes I reckon the leads could be turned up a bit, sounds like there are moments where they just need to "pop", if you know what I mean. Also the drums are a bit over powering, or maybe I'm just not listening properly, or maybe that's the particular sound you're going for, or.....I don't know. Was it written with the intention of having vocals? Either way, I reckon it would work with or without them, maybe as an interlude or something, or as part of a concept, or whatever you want as I'm in no position to tell you how to write your music haha

Keep it up, look forward to hearing some more stuff

C4C? I'm gonna be cheeky and give two links:

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Hah I agree with the lead advice as well. The guy who recorded me is in a band thats very drum heavy so I suppose thats just the way he records haha i like it though
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this was awesome man, only negatives i can think of have been covered. main problem for me was the drum levels, too much kick and not enough snare. really cool stuff though for sure, keep it up!
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