Hi all,

I'm in the market for quality headphones. I will be moving out soon and be living in an appartment with my girlfriend so headphones as I can only play at reasonable late hours due to work.
But the main use will be at work. I can't stand the radio anymore and it's turning me crazy, but the other employees like their crappy music.
So I'd like it to be really isolating or preferably have active noise cancelation.

I'm concerned about damage to my ears, and with the radio on I have to turn the volume op and it I feel it's not that good for my ears. I tried using my custom ear plugs and then putting my current headphones on, but I need something better and I'm willing to spend a decent amount of money on it.

So, quick summary:

- Headphones, no plugs
- I prefer the "over the ear" type rather than "on the ear" (I find it annoying)
- Good passive and, preferably, active noise reduction
- If battery is required, I prefer it to be chargeable or have a USB for power
- Budget can go as high as 400 Euro
- I live in Belgium
- For use with amp, but mostly at work
- NO wireless
- Closed design, people should not hear what I'm listening

The models I currently am looking at:

Bose Quiet Comfort 15
Sony MDR-1RNC (favorite at the moment, but also the most expensive)

Thanks in advance
My personal recommendation would be the Sennheiser HD 25.


I use Sennheiser cans, never had an issue with them.

EDIT: Although those AKGs would be high on my list too. Use a lot of AKG kit too, pretty good stuff.
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I have a question. If headphones work with batteries, does this have influence, or are they usable with an amp? I have an amp with a headphone output, but would the battery-thing give me problems?