Poll: How dedicated are you to music?
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Very dedicated, I eat, sleep and breathe music
8 30%
Pretty dedicated, I still have a life though
16 59%
Not very dedicated, it's a fun hobby
2 7%
Not dedicated at all, why am I still here?
1 4%
Voters: 27.
A major factor when considering to take jobs is whether they will intrude on my nights and make me forfeit musical commitments. I'd say I'm pretty dedicated but I wouldn't rely on it for money, I don't sleep and breathe it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
The poll discriminates because it doesn't take into account the possibility that music isn't all I do but I don't really have a life either.
I'm pretty dedicated to it but I also have two jobs and school to look after, so it gets pushed into a lot of my free time.
We're all alright!