Verse 1:
With her head up in the sky
She hides behind a face
Made up to hide the lies
Made up to hide the lies

Fear has burned the mask to skin
Now she's tethered to the ground
Doused the twinkle in her eyes
She doused the twinkle in her eyes

There's so much mind
So much mind
but you are afraid
Shed their impositions
Be free to your visions
Shed your inhibitions
I'll help you be free
Open up your spirit
Open up your soul
There's no need to hide
You're in touch on your own

Verse 2:
Individuality hides
Whilst conformity thrives
And she runs, cloaked
Through the mist of her own making
Clear the fog
Clear the fog
Deep down, she hides
Clear the fog
Clear the fog
She wants to rise

She needs to rise


I've seen you
And you're beautiful
I've felt you
And you're beautiful
Our hearts touched
It was beautiful
I fell in love
It was beautiful
But I feared you
And now you're gone
You ran through my fingers
Like misty smoke
And I bask in my memory
Forced into history

Come back I beg of you
Not to me
Come back to you
You've fallen to normality
Fallen to reality
But you can soar
Oh you can soar


When I'm burning I smell our love
When I'm waking I see our love
Halo's and I'm reminded
Of how I held you
How you held me
How I was happy
It'll never be the same

Just a few notes. This is my second song I've ever properly sat down and written, it's loosely about someone I know who I feel is being shackled to a normality that isn't her by her friends and family. I'd love to hear some feedback, maybe what to improve on, what goes, what doesn't. Cheers.