If anyone is interested, I'm selling my rack mounted amp. It consists of a Marshall 8080 valvestate 160w stereo power amp, two Marshall 1912 1x12 cabs and a Mesa Boogie studio Pre amp. The power amp has had all the pots cleaned recently, and the Preamp has had a new power cord, all pots cleaned and five new valves fitted. The reverb has been tweaked too. The preamp and power amps are mounted . In a rack unit with both front and rear covers present and intact. I didn't buy it new, so I don't know if it's ever been gigged, but I havent, and I've owned it for the last 12 years. Everything on the amp works perfectly, and it sounds amazing.
The reason I'm selling is simply that I have only had the one amp for the past 12 years, and I'm in the mood for a change.
I'm located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Uk. I am willing to deliver it Locally, but I cant post it, due to its size and weight.
I'm after £900 for the lot, which i think is a fair price to ask, considering how much these pre amps are worth alone.

If anyone is interested, you can e-mail me at Sohmarnst@hotmail.com, and ill gladly send you some pics.

Thanks for reading,