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Noobs - yes that would be me.

Budget? - 500 to 700

Favorite Artists? - Alot of them. From modest mouse to Slayer
Preferences? - Im looking for my second guitar looking to move up. Right now i have a ltd ec 100qm with 2 gfs crunchy rails. I really like it. But im open to anything of quailty.
Pickups? - I like humbuckers but never really tried much else so open to anyting.
New or Used? - Rather used actually save on the cost.
Location? - Im located in houston texas.
Current Gear? - Esp Ltd ec 100qm with 2 gfs crunchy rail pickups. Ronald Micro cube amp.

the reason im posting this is because im looking to buy a new guitar. When i say new i mean new to me. I want something versatile. I have done research just wondering what you guys might think. Some good brands i have never heard of or good models or whatever you know. Open to all ideas. Thx alot.
First of all, thank you for reading the stickies. Second, we need a little more info on what you'll be playing. If you want an everything guitar, I'd try and find a MIM HSS Strat or MIM Tele that you can play first. If you think that there is a genre that your Ltd cannot do, then you might get a guitar to fill in the gaps. For indie/alternative, I like to use single coils even more so for you because you already have a guitar with humbuckers.

Oh, and next time I'd post this in the Electric guitar forum, not New Members Q+A, FYI.
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why not just keep the ltd and get a better amp. trust me that should do wonders, playing a new guitar through a cheap amp will still sound almost as bad.

Check out the jet city combo amps. they are made overseas but they are made after Soldano amps which are highly renowned as one of the best high gain amplifiers in the world. You can find them for well under $700 and they sound great for all rock/pop genres.

If you're dead set on a guitar I would check out Gibson les paul studios on ebay and find a good one. Some people will say that the studios are not good because they don't have the "standard" or "custom" label but I own several customs, standards, and studios and the studios kick ass. The only major difference is the finish. They are still weight relieved mahogany with a maple cap which is standard for most gibsons of all prices.
My tastes are pretty spot on to yours and I have a Schecter Solo-6 Special that does everything I need it to, especially considering it has a humbucker and a P90 + coil tapping capabilities. You can get a wide range of tones with this baby.


You can get them new for $500, check it out.

It looks great too!
Don't overthink it; just go to a shop or two and let her find you
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