Hey guys

Currently I play in this band below\/

The band is called Stormforge and is located in Auckland, New Zealand. At this stage I'm only a temporary fill in as I already have another band that will be busy this year. I'm looking at staying on and only jamming once a fortnight, but its not something I'd like to do forever, if you know what I mean

I'm the guy in the black and white shirt stage right (or your left). The position is both rhythm and lead, as each song has a solo from each guitarist.

There are videos on the bands Youtube channel from the previous guitarist as well. I only play 2 of his solos as the third one was way to difficult so I had to re write it, and there is another 2 songs we no longer play. If interested you can play the solos that have already been written, or an even better option would be to write your own, or just put your own spin on the already existing stuff, its all up to you

We'll be looking at recording in mid February, so if you are interested, or you know of anyone who might be interested, AND you are down in this part of the world, hit me up or go to the bands Facebook page and hit them up. Cheers


You know Stormforge is also the name for a Neo-nazi website?
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No, that's stormfront.
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