What's up everyone?

I just realized I have been playing for basically exactly 3 months , give or take a few days today.

I was curious if I am possibly above average, average, or below average for 3 months since I started playing ( no musical background other than my Dad played ) .

As far as playing goes I would say my latest best thing I've done was look up a lesson video on 'Even Flow' - Pearl Jam, and am able to do everything on Gtr.1 (except the crazy solo) at the same rhythm and quite smoothly.

Other's being 'Kashmir', the main riff and the following chorus, easy to play that at the same rhythm, in DADGAD tuning of-course. 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', the whole song I can play, but the solo I can do with extreme ease (I know it is easy, I am just trying to give details to get the best answer to my question). I can play the solo of "Stairway to Heaven", but I can't do it nearly the speed Jimmy Page plays, but I can play it at a slowerrrr speed. "Wake Me Up When September Ends" .. I am probably forgetting some but there are many songs that I know certain riffs to, but not the whole song.

I understand the whole EADGBE and how it goes E > F > F# > G > G# > A > A# > B> C... etc, on each string.
I am understanding more music theory as I learn more songs and play them. I have much, much, much better rhythm then a few weeks ago (which was my issue). I know some scales, I would know a lot of them, but I tend to look into learning how to play a song as apposed to scales. I know the A major pentatonic scales (which I tend to use when I jam out myself.. I came up with a decent sounding song the other day with it) , C Major scales, a few more.. I should probably learn more.

I understand the concept of rhythm and the importance of that with the whole structure of a song, and most rhythm is in 4 counts, not all obviously, and the importance of riffs, verses, chorus being in key with other instruments and what not.

I'm much more into picking, I love Jimi Hendrix style of playing the most and that is what I want to soon be able to do. I see myself as more of a picking type of guitarist rather than strumming, I seem to have a better skill with picking, but that may be because I look at songs mainly with picking.

Anyways, other than all of that.. I think that is it to describe as much as I can what level I am at right now. I use my dad's 1976 Ibanez LP Custom from when he used to play. (Anyone who lives in the tri-state area and has heard of the big cover band "The Nerds", he played in a band with the bassist and guitarist. Actually was very good friends with the bassist and lived next door.) I have a Vox VT-20 Valvetronix (I believe it's 20) amp, all new bridge and neck pick-ups and machine heads on it. Very nice and almost as good as it will get to a real LP.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to get all the details I could, hopefully I did.. plus my Adderall tends to make me write lots of detail hahah.
Honestly, I don't think you should care whether you're any good or not. You've got your whole life to get good at it...
I'm just curious is all, either way it won't stop me from playing and learning and accomplishing my goals
post a vid after a year, it's not "time" like someone plays a year, 4 hrs a day vs someone 1/2 hr a day, plus how they do it. Generally at about 1000 hrs you should be pretty good, 3 hrs a day for a year.
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Didnt even read it.

You can compare yourself to others when you reach your prime. Until then dont worry about it.
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At the three months you should be writing movements dude, so below.

Joking, you shouldn't care about that, just about learning more and getter better(by better I mean closer to your image of a good guitarist/musician/artist)
Well, the only reason I asked was just to know, and I thank everyone for their replies because each one helps me.

Because either reply ... whether it is A. Belowww (as a joke or not), would make me EVEN MORE determined to play more smoothly, understand the rights/wrongs (music theory more or less), play better and more, be better and closer to what I want to someday be close to... B. Above .. this would make me feel really good and make me think 'oh wow, I didn't know I had a little bit of a knack for playing guitar and can get the hang of it quick...I am going to keep playing and knowing that, it will make me play more and more knowing I will be able to nail hard riffs and solos in the near future.

So either reply would make me more determined , I wasn't asking in the sense of it being like a sport, where skill DOES matter and should be taken seriously. I know playing guitar is something you have to want and need to enjoy doing and love playing, and I do. It's not about being a certain skill level or how good you are.. rock isn't perfect and it isn't suppose to be. I was just wondering where I am at is all.

I just wanted to clarify that I don't think of guitar as a thing of competition , and competition and skill only. (Though that is a major thing that drives me to be better, as I am a perfectionist and have a competitive personality. My best friend has been playing for 2 1/2 years or more and seeing him play and write and being so good, and other friend being so good makes me try so much harder than I ever would if they never played. )
unless youre horrendously bad or extraordinarily good, what you can do at three months doesnt really say anything.

ppl here will write off your question. maybe because they forgot all the uncertainty that comes along with being new, and just wanting feedback of any kind on whats going through your mind.

to you id just say, you sound motivated, so just keep at it. if you spend decent time praciticing and keep learning new things, youll get good. just dont get cocky thinking you are already great at something, because chances are it could be done with either, more feeling or less effort
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