(Note there are two other tracks on the mp3. These are simply the same track at different octaves and panned left and right.)

Could you guys give me some feedback on the song in the link below?
It's the first song I've written than can be played solo. (The others I've recorded with multiple parts.)
Please note that I'm only 16 and self taught and I'm aware there are still many strings to be added to my bow. Be gentle.

Constructive criticism only.

Dear Aussie Page

Enjoyed listening to your playing. I think the melody is good - often people don't both with a melody and just trash away at chords and add twiddly solos; bit prone to this myself. The underlying progression is good too. Sometimes my engagement with the piece was knocked off course by a judder in the rhythm. I struggle with this myself and have feedback that wobbles throw the listener off. So perhaps this is the bit to work on. May be play along with an automatic drum beat or metronome for a bit until the beat is absolutely nailed then play completely solo.

I would be grateful if you could comment on my effort at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1579812

Best wishes