A flea among beasts, sucking and leaping
Living but hiding, at least there are feasts
Staying discreet, ready to retreat

But vigilance falls to recklessness
Greed gobbles with intoxication
From beast to beast with ecstasy
Draining of bodies with fluidity
A flea so puny conquers the herd

Further it goes, continues to grow
Only the one will do nowadays
Tastes bitter and harsh left by others
The favourite reeks familiarity
Sanctuary is found amidst warm fur
The flea only grows when he's with her
Thanks for the response Eccer, I really appreciate it Haha I wrote it completely metaphorically as a guy getting more and more friends and then a girlfriend, but then he becomes dependent on his girlfriend for company and personal growth. But to be honest, I prefer it as the idea of a flea conquering a herd of beasts, pretty funny looking at it like that xD