I have this Gibson SG Special and I decided to change the stock pick-ups with EMGs.

Now my problem is that the volume on the bridge pick-up, which is the EMG 81, is too low on clean setting. When I switch to the neck with the same settings and same volume level, it's loud and great.

When I use my Boss MT-2 with my Gibson SG Special, the gain seemed to be lacking on the bridge pick-up but, when I switch on the neck, everything just works fine.

Is there something wrong with the wiring of the bridge pick-up?
Or maybe the pick-up height?

I need your help, guys!
Increase the pickup height. That could fix it. Does it look quite low?

It could be the solder work too.

Post a picture of the height and the wiring if it doesn't get fixed by adjusting the height.
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If you have the solderless EMG's, make sure that all of the connections are in all the way. Make sure that the solder connections on the switch are solid and aren't only a couple of strands holding on to the connector. My last idea, make sure that the wires are correctly in the wiring bus and are down tightly, and the same with the selector switch, make sure that it isn't just a couple of strands in there.
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