So I'm looking for some alternative rock songs that have really good guitar solos, or simply good lead guitar parts. It seems like most alt. rock solos are simply placed in the song to fill up some space.

I used to play a lot of 80's metal and rock, and so now when I improvise, you can hear the 80's influence. I want to have a more modern sound to my playing.

I tried searching for this kind of thing, and everyone lists Kurt Cobain as the greatest alt.rock guitarist. I like Nirvana and everything, but his Cobain's not really a lead guitar guy

I like some of John Frusciante's work, so maybe I'll look into that more. Idk, it just seems like music is getting more vocal centered, and not so much guitar centered.

A lot of modern metal bands have some great guitar players, but the solos don't really add to the song IMO. I'm not really impressed with speed so much as I am with a powerful melody, if that makes sense. I get chills when I listen to the second solo in "Comfortably Numb" haha

Any ideas, guys?
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I've got quite a few bands and songs to list here haha

Check out Radiohead, their lead guitarist Jonny Greenwood plays some really interesting stuff... (listen to Paranoid Android and 15 Step).

Also give the Pixies a listen, they're often credited as one of the earliest Alt bands. Their guitarist Joey Santiago plays some very simple things on top of the songs, but without Joey's playing their sound would be so... empty. Listen to Debaser, No. 13 Baby, Crackity Jones. I think one of the best examples of Joey's playing is found in Where is my mind? as well. If you're just looking for a great solo check out Hey or Here Comes Your Man

Dinosaur Jr. are also a fantastic example of an Alt band with great leads. Check out Feel the Pain.

Alternative is such a vast genre, it's hard to get everything in. If you're just looking for generally good playing within the genre, check out Peach Kings, Death Cab for Cutie and Arcade Fire. They're not all 'guitar' bands, but good alternative bands nonetheless.
Check out Duane Denison from The Jesus Lizard (no longer together). Suggested albums Goat, Liar and Shot. He's a great player who strives to avoid the obvious.
I don't really like the term "alt rock" - alternative to what?

But as far as guitar playing and "alternative" music goes, I think Pearl Jam's debut album ("10") is about as good as it gets. Two very guitarists. McCready's solos have a strong blues influence, a lot of Hendrix and SRV, but he's really good.

His best solo is probably on the track "Reach Down" which wasn't a Pearl Jam song but rather one on the "Temple of the Dog" album. It's a really great, four minute solo.
Rage Against the Machine
Smashing Pumpkins

none of these bands added anything "needless" to their songs (even considering Smashing Pumpkins with some 40 gutiar tracks on one of their Saimese Dream songs).