Who likes fuzzes?! I'm not sure if I do. But I'm going through a Hendrix kick, so I gots to have me a fuzz face. I bought parts to build two fuzz faces and the plan is to build one for me and one to sell and in the end I break even !

The parts:

The toner transfer:

PCBs done and soldered! At least the components.

And the parts mounted in the enclosures:

Should be fun! Here's what the front will look something like:

Tried to make one of these today. Got the wrong transistor so it just made fart noises

But! I ordered the right ones today so hopefully mine will work (and yours too)

But why the huge enclosures for such a small circuit?
Why the large and rounded blob-like traces on the PCB? Not sure if it will be an issue with your build, but the parasitic capacitance will be quite high on this board.

Either way, DIY pedals are always fun. Is this a kit you bought or did you just yank a schematic online?
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Ahh! When I read the title I thought it might be two versions of FF's in one enclosure. I'm in the process of building one for someone. It's a NPN and a PNP in one enclosure that share common in/out jacks. The NPN or PNP circuit is going to be selectable via a switch and it will have a single bypass switch. I hadn't seen a project like this before and I thought someone else might have tackled it.
Very cool graphics on the enclosures. They look nice.
In one enclosure you could do kind of a Two Face from Batman type graphic.

The challenge with both PNP and NPN in one enclosure is dealing with power polarity.