Danelectro pedals often use two boards inside. One has the main circuit and one has the switching, power section and jacks (if I remember correctly). To simply rehouse it you can replace the tactile switch with a momentary stomp switch and you will be ok. If you want to true bypass it, that's a lot harder.
As for the mod, to be honest, I didn't watch the video. I believe the pedal is based on the PT239x series chip (I think it's a PT2395 in there. It's been a long time and can't remember) and you should be able to find mods online for that chip and apply it to the pedal. Be wary though that the components in that pedal are SMT which are really small so if you aren't excellent at soldering, odds are you are going to mess up the pedal. Not trying to be mean or negative, just want to point out that SMT scares a lot of people away and you should be pretty good at soldering if you want to attempt it.