Just thought this might be a fun idea. If you have any bands that you like that are not main stream, or just havent made it big yet, post them here. Or if you think more people should listen to them.

Ill start with saying: A Day to Remember and Adelitas Way. Both kind of popular, but both deserve to be very well known.

A Day to Remember is a metalcore, post hardcore band, with very meaningful music, i love them. Notable songs: All I want. Downfall of Us All. All Signs Point to Lauderdale. Have Faith In Me.

Adelitas Way is an alternative hard rock band, who has only released two albums. Ive met the lead singer, and seen them live, hes a great dude, loves meeting his fans. They are probably one of the best live bands i have seen. Soooo much energy. Notable songs: Alive. Invincible. Sick. Criticize.

Who would you like to see get more attention?
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Hi, mine are:
Slowdive - Shoegazing/space rock. actually they've been broken up since 1995, but still they're really inspiring. Ummm notable songs: When the Sun Hits, Mellon Yellow, Machine Gun, Alison, Souvlaki Space Station.

Spiritualized - Space/neo-psychedelia/indie-experimental-rock... their style's hard to describe but they are simply awesome. Notable songs: Medication, I Think I'm in Love, Come Together, Shine a Light and (wait for it) Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space.
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