Hi everyone.. I have a line6 UX2 to connect my guitar to my pc for recording. I am going to buy a looper (the digitech jamman stereo) to use with an actual amp. But I was wondering if I could use this setup: guitar -> JamMan -> UX2 -> guitar rig/amplitube/podfarm.

Does this work? I guess it should but I don't want to be dissapointed.. I know I wont be able to split up the effects because they come at the end of the chain and all. But I would like to loop and use the software (and I dont got any pedals to trigger the looper buttons in the software).

Tried googling for this but didn't find anything relevant...

Have a great day!
No, that is not a good solution. You need all the modeling and fx before the looper.
It will work, but it only loops the dry tone, so if you change the amp say to a high gain amp and try and loop over your clean tone you had with the other amp, it will change all the overdubs.
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