Hi all,

Basically on my acoustic guitar I have put on the Ernie Ball earthworm medium gauge strings, now I can tell there quality strings but they seem way to thick for me. They really do cut into my fingers. I am a fairly new player but through other hobbies and playing my hands are fairly tough. Does anyone else have experience of these strings being to thick? They feel real brittle aswell , not a pleasure to play with.

Thanks , Simon
I use EB med-light gauge on my acoustic they work fine for me.
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I've never tried those particular strings, but what's the gauge on them? Did you just switch to these from lighter gauge strings? If that's the case, it'll take some time to get used to (if you even end up liking it at all). I get the sense that by "brittle" you mean the strings are stiffer, which is normal if they're thicker than your last ones. It's all about preference, though.
They are 13 to 56 , 80/20 bronze alloy. They are very stiff , I'm not sure if its because I'm more used to the thinner strings on my electric guitar but I still think I'd consider them to thick/stiff regardless of if I had an electric guitar aswell. Previous strings after being broken in have lost the initial stiffness and became very playable but these just seem unplayable to me. I've also noticed that on the first couple of frets if you don't position your fingers spot on the note won't ring well or even sometimes not at all.
80/20 are lighter feeling than phosphor bronze, but size 13-56 is pretty big if you're not used to it. I'd just get 80/20 with a smaller gauge next time.