Hi i have been playing guitar two year gone xmas i seem to have come to a point where i dont know what to play or practice . I can play all major chords most 3fret barre chrds and i am trying to stretch further , any advice please . I can also play all the songs i wanted to learn in the beginning . So maybe some songs recomennded would be good or maybe some excercise i dont know . I play mainly acoustic . Thank you
We've all been there!

There's a couple of different paths you could take when you get to this point. One would be, pairing up with a teacher or another player to both guide and push you further. Another would be to find yourself some more ambitious songs to learn and get to it! Yet another would be to get yourself a book and dive into theory.

The key ingredient: you have either a goal or a plan clearly defined. I would also recommend the occasional jam session to put it all to use and develop your own style further since you're approaching that point.

In regards to stretching, just keep playing. Your fingers will adapt. You'll probably notice that when you observe your fingers after playing for awhile that the natural position of certain fingers appear to have "rotated." As a side to that, I also tell my students if they like to "see" their progress as far as stretching (a dumb but fun tool), to spread and line each of their hands up side by side and finger by finger.
Anthony at Guitar Strings and Beyond