Hi I am having a lot of trouble getting any kind of consistent band started around here where i live so I figured Id give this a shot. So, Im looking for a bassist, drummer, and vocalist. I play guitar but Id love to work with other guitarists as well.

Id definitly like to try and work on originals, sharing files back and forth and such. I usually record guitar parts with a line 6 gx interface thing so not superb quality but definitly good enough to work with. I also have and can use guitar pro 5 so if thats your preferred method of working parts out then im game.

As far as genre I dont really know. I am a huge radiohead fan and tend to write in a somewhat but not really similar style. haha But Im not really going for any predetermined sound Id like to just throw some ideas around and see what we can get.
I'll do vocals man, my voice is a little ****ed due to my cold but definitely hit me up when some stuff is written.
I play guitar, and can program sounds to boot.

[Edit]: Here's my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/of-wisping-truths

I've got a single track you can give an ear to, titled 'Diner Song'. The other track is just something i thought was facking hilarious.

It's my first composition, sort of like a 'test' tune using Ableton. Needs lyrics, otherwise, is what it is. Anyways. (:
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I'm a singer, pretty darn good actually (military brat so when i lived in Europe I was the 13th best tenor in all of Europe *DODDs high schools*). I've been playing guitar for a year and a half and I've picked up on it very quickly. I can also play piano, harmonica, alto sax, some rusty violin (lol), bass, and drums (although I lack all but the harmonica and piano). I have my own recording equipment (mixcraft and an Audiobox VSL). I've been in 3 bands so far and I'm a sophomore in High School (in the USA now). Thanks for the time.
Pardon me, I have 5 guitars... A keyboard, a harmonica, and a couple other miscellaneous I instruments
I also love Radiohead, would be very keen to share a few ideas and work on a little project.
(I play guitar - i'd rather do rhythm, but I can do simple lead stuff)
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