Hey all, I've been having a problem with latency that I can't for the life of me find the solution for using google so I've decided to come here for help...

Alright so I'll break it down:

Equipment: Alesis Multimix8 USB FX + Cubase 5 LE

Problem: Latency is REALLY bad.

Backstory: I could never get the ASIO4ALL driver to work, it never records and it never sends the sound out. I have no idea why it wouldn't work but it always pissed me off. SO since I didn't have much of a problem with it, I used the default ASIO DirectX Full Duplex driver, which was always pretty okay. Now the latency is terrible, where it was already a bad 40ms to 40ms it's 345ms to 40ms (That's input and output respectively). I've looked around, tried the ASIO4ALL again, even the generic low latency driver (Which works really awesomely with using your computer keyboard as a midi keyboard surprisingly; zero lag!) but nothing is working and I can't figure out what the problem is! This is the LAST time I buy something that alesis makes because I always end up having problems with it.

Anyway, can somebody help?

TL;DR - I can't get my latency down and after trying and searching I can't find out what's wrong. Please help?

Thanks in advance!
Fair enough.
Am I reading their site right in that they don't provide their own ASIO drivers, refering instead to ASIO4All? That's just really lazy. ASIO4All is a hack, it's incredibly bad customer support not making real drivers...
My bad, it looks like your specific model doesn't come with drivers, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try the ones in the link though.
I was looking for that list of drivers, but then I remembered as I was trying them out that they just straight up won't work with this audio interface (The bar begins to load up but it's just not what it's looking for).

I've complained to alesis about this device before (The first channel is effed up) but they won't fix it. Now I have stupid latency problems with it too. I follow the ASIO4ALL instructions for Windows 7 and Cubase but they get me NOWHERE ever. Sheesh.

Edit: Okay so for the ASIO4ALL it will record (Though kind of oddly) but the sound won't come back out of the speakers. I suppose if I can get the sound out of the speakers then I won't really have much to complain about. Any ideas friends?

Edit 2: The sound will record and play out of the audio interface, I just need to know how to get the sound to play out of the speakers instead! But as I try to open up ports, it all says I can't do it for whatever reason :S
Fair enough.
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You should be using the stereo output of the audio interface to feed your speakers. If you're referring to your computer's internal speakers, it may not be possible depending on your DAW (recording program) as it requires setting the interface as your input device, but setting your output to run through your computer's internal soundcard and speakers.
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