I wanted to get some more opinions about these things. Although it's not in the cards yet, I do want to look into getting an AC30 at some point. I've been looking around and it seems to be a very common boutique clone amp. Only thing is they're triple the price. Is it worth it? I just don't see it. But, I am not one to disregard anything. Who uses a boutique amp? I'm sure you LOVE it, but what can you say to someone who might consider it.

I know Bob from DST Engineering, I go to him for all my amp repairs and he has an AC30 clone. Since I know him and like giving him business I would certainly consider picking up one of his amps in the future when I can take time to save for it. At the same time I can just get a normal Vox AC30 much sooner and have the "original" sound.

Thanks for the input!
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
A Vox AC30 is not the "original" sound by any stretch of the imagination, don't kid yourself otherwise.

Modern AC30s use PCBs, substandard transformers, lower quality components and sound nothing like an original AC30.

A boutique clone stands more chance of sounding like the original, but can be expensive. What may be worth looking at if you fancied keeping costs down, is to find a DIY kit.

EDIT: ignore all that kit nonsense... you're not gonna find one you can do as a first build
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The original AC30 that people clone is nothing like the ones Vox make now. They don't even use the same tubes. On the plus side, the new ones don't burst into flames. A good clone should sound like a 60's AC30 without the fire hazard of the originals. A well put together clone should be better than anything that has ever came out of a Vox factory, otherwise said cloner should give the game away and take up knitting.
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