Hi forum

I have a 1999 Fender American Traditional strat. It came with a cheap 6 screws tremolo and I am sick of it. I like using a tremolo every once in a while (Particularly in my MM JP6) but if it is not there I don't mind. So I've been thinking of replacing the cheap 6 screws or just blocking it. So here are the 3 options I see:

1) Replace it with another 6 screws (either PRS tremolo or Hipshot), but i think 6 screws have always been a bit stiff for my taste.

2) Up grade to a 2 pointed tremolo (Hipshot), which will work as my JP6 (in theory) but I am worried about dilling 2 holes a keeping the other 4.

3) Block the damn thing with "a good piece of good". But if I do this I'm keeping the cheap saddles and block. Or should I upgrade the bridge and block it anyway.

What do you think?
good question,i have the same guitar and it has been up graded with texas special pick-ups .i'm wanting to upgrade the bridge and tremelo but not shure what would fit in the body, would the standard strat or the vintige fit? i would'nt mind drilling the 2 holes if the bridge would. other than the bridge/trem i have no problems with this guitar......dave
try taking 4 of the screws out and just leave the 2 outside ones.....also make sure you have no points of friction, so nut is well lubed as well as the saddles and make sure the strings are properly stretched and are wound properly. Also trying having less springs (I only use 2) and don't have them to tight. If set up right a v/trem will hold tune pretty damn well

If you want to block it just put 5 springs in the back and screw them quite tight so it is almost impossible to dive the bar...cheapest option