First thanks for watching, We're a Metal-Industrial Band from LA looking for a good drummer to be a permanent member of the group, NO HIRED GUNS PLEASE Thanks, our idea is to develop a concept and a solid musicianship to achieve important goals, we have songs written, live experience, and recorded material, so we're looking for a great musician we can play well with us and that we can call friend, so expect lot of work and lot of commitement. We don't care about the hollywood bullshit ¨i know this guy, i have this contacts¨, so again we need you to know how to play not a ¨poser-industrial¨.

If you really feel like you want to be a part of something, want to play and trascend the typical hollywood bs join us and send us some sample of your skills (audio, video, whatever) and let set a rehearsal!!

Our Music: [forbidden link]