Budget: I would be willing to go up to $1400.

Fav. Artists: Kirk Hammett, Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads, SRV, Adam Jones, Tom Morello

Preferences: Really would prefer strat style body, but not opposed to LP/V/Explorer.

Pickups: Would prefer Passives. At least one Humbucker.

New/Used: No preference.

Location: I'm in the southern part of Illinois, USA. Closest city is Paducah, KY, then St. Louis, MO.

Current Gear: I have a Gibson Les Paul, ESP M-1, Alvarez strat H/H, Alvarez Strat S/S/S, and a Peavey ValveKing 100 Head and Peavey Windsor 4x12 cab.

Just putting this out there to see if there are any guitars I should be noticing that I haven't. I'm looking to extend my collection.
With that kind of budget, look at Carvin, US Masters, Fernandes, Reverend, Godin, G&L, DBZ, Dean Zelinsky's Private Reserve, Bowes, Rock Beach...

Also look up Jon Kammerer, a luthier in Keokuk, on Facebook (his website was killed by malware). For $1k, his standard designs are semi-customizable*, 24fret, 25.5" scale and have blind fret slots. His full customs start at $2k.

* options include pickup brands & configurations and finishes
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ESP gets my vote, a good MIA Jackson too.

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Get a Jackson. I got a Jackson DK2 MIJ and I ****ing love it. Great for Metal but suprisingy all around good sound. I play any genre on it.

With $1400 you could get a killer USA Jackson. I would reccomend used.
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used guitar for $1400? *cringe*

with that budget you can go to a music store and play every single guitar there and then buy the one you like the best. definitely check out Ibanez S series and some of the HSS fender strats
It's all about feel
You already have really nice guitars - why not use the money to get a Splawn or something instead?
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That's a good point... I didn't give much thought to even upgrading my amp. iI have always wanted a Mesa. Perhaps I'm looking at this all wrong.

Thanks for all the helpful suggestions everyone. This is why it's a good idea to post here!
Ibanez RG or S or ESP.

Also, thank you for listing your amp gear too. I have a Peavey VK100 sitting here without a cab and then I googled Peavey Windsor cab. Cheapest deal was £130 with shipping. Thank you so much!

[NB - I'm not looking for amazing gear anyway - just stuff that I can gig with, including pubs and huge fields at schools]


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I'm a student. I've got no time or space for an amp!
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