Just as the title says I'm headed back on deployment fairly soon and i wanted to know if you guys have any minimalist ways of recording. While I'm gone the plan is write and record and albums worth of music. I'll most likely be recording only guitars and vocals and separately at that. If you know of any reliable programs and/or interfaces to make this as small as possible yet still give me decent quality work worth sending back to the band please let me know. Keep in mind I'm taking only a guitar, no pedals, no amps so it really has to be an all in one thing. And all im working with at the moment is my laptop and a good pair of studio headphones.
You could get a small interface and a vst. I used Amplitube while I was deployed and plugged my guitar into my computer and got decent tones from it.
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So I didnt realize amplitude can be used on a laptop instead on a ipad or phone. It looks promising for tone at least but its not a DAW is it? The equivalent of a POD and then you still need a second program to track on correct?

Yeah you'd have to use it as a plugin and use another program to record it. I used Amplitube->Garage Band. And it was easy enough to do. I figure for the $70 that Amplitube costs and all of the pedals/amps it's a really good deal. I have no suggestions for DAWs though. Or what would be in your price range.
Windows laptop or Macbook? if windows grab a copy of either Krystal Audio Engine (free) or REAPER ($60) and an interface of some description. About the cheapest I know that will do DI and mic is the Steinberg CI1, otherwise there's the staple recommendation here of the Focusrite Saffire 6 or Scarlett 2i4.
For amp sims there's some nice free stuff from Nick Crow, LePou, and AcmeBarGig. if you want a Suite that will handle the lot then I recommend AcmeBarGig's headcase, you can't beat it for the price.
Check your pm, and here's a little info that may help.

Head Case is 100% portable and will even run from a USB Stick. So, if you are somewhere that you do not have internet, you will not be able to download any of the 350 or so free heads, but, if you are ever near a computer where it is available, then just stick the USB stick in and download to your hearts content. Then when you get back to your main computer, you will have the heads you installed ready to test.

There is also an option with Reaper to perform a portable install, so you can have your DAW, and all your amps running on the same USB stick. Unfortunately I don't know of any drum options like that though...Nevertheless, as long as you have the USB stick you will have guitar and recording capabilities..

Hope that helps... and Good luck man..