Thinking about purchasing a new guitar - at the moment I have a PRS 'style' Stagg.

I'm looking for a versatile guitar that sounds good clean or hard rock/pop punk and even a bit of metal. Have been playing a few years and looking for a guitar that will let me take my playing to the next level.

Sounds I like: The strokes, libertines, motley crue, coheed and cambria, taking back sunday etc

I'm leaning towards a Standard strat at the moment...
Current Main amp is a Vox AD50VT

Price range is <£600.

Based in London.

A PRS could definately get some of those tones you were looking for. I know some of those are indie bands so maybe look into some of the PRS SE's, I don't know if some of them have coil taps/splits but if they didn't you could certainly get some installed to get that Stratty type tone
2nd hand USA Tele?

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