Thanks to this website I have been introduced to the greatness that is Paul Gilbert. A couple months ago I bought "Vibrato" on a whim. I really liked the album and was wondering if anybody here would help me on picking the next Gilbert album to buy as there are many to choose from. Unfortunately his stuff isn't on Spotify for me to "try before I buy". Since Vibrato covers such a wide variety of styles here is what I liked/disliked on it:

Rain & Thunder & Lightning
Atmosphere on the Moon

Blue Rondo a La Turk (it's the only song I constantly skip)

I tend to enjoy the more "traditional" rock songs with hints melodic pop-metal soloing in them. When he starts moving too far into jazz and (slightly) classical genres I lose interest somewhat. I'll take or leave the singing... it's not great but not intrusive either.

So what do the Paul Gilbert experts think? Thanks!