Hello internet,
My amp done hum like ah bitch!
I play in a rock 2 piece, im running a dual amp setup and seem to have perpetual hum/noise which is cause by the amps fighting for earth (so im told)

I've check all my cables, power supplies, pedals but no dice.

I could really use some help eliminating the noise.
Can anyone recommend any pedals that would help?

A ABY style pedal would be no help as i use both amps for dirty or both for clean

Getting a clearer idea of how you've got your rig set up certainly would help, but right off the bat, I'm thinking either you're cranking the gain around things which induce extra hum—neon lights, computer screens, mobile phones, TVs, radios, etc—or your power supply/wiring wherever you play is a bit dodgy. I've never heard of amps generating excessive noise because they're "fighting for earth".

Noise gates/suppressors certainly can help, if it's an interference or gain issue. I used to run two with my Marshall. A BOSS NS-2 sat before my amp, with my boosts, EQ, compressor and OD pedals in its loop; this minimised noise coming into the amp in the first place. I then ran an ISP Decimator pedal in the effects loop, to reduce the worst of the amp's own hum when the gain was cranked. If you decide to go for noise gates of any kind, that's how I'd suggest you run 'em.
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Make sure they're plugged into the same outlet/powerstrip (so they share the same ground).

If that doesn't work you do need an isolation transformer for one of them. I know they make a handy pedal that does this (you plug your guitar in and it has 2 isolated buffered outputs) but I can't find it right now.

edit: here it is: http://www.tonebone.com/re-bigshot-aby.htm

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