Hi. I'm looking for an acoustic/electric or an acoustic guitar that will have no problems if I use Ernie Ball Super Slinkies on it. I've heard that guitar necks go sincerely out of whack doing this and you need a lot truss help. There must be an acoustic or accoustic electric with a shredders neck and strong enought truss not to cause the neck a problem. Doesn't matter if the sound comes out weaker, with the right transducer it will sound fine through my amp. Anyone know of a guitar like this? Thanks you
...you want to put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar?
youre going to have to do some adjustic of something becasue electric guitar strings are susualy alot thinner

it really matters what gauge you put on them but for electric guitar feel on an acoustic thatll sound good through an amp i suggest you look at ovation guitars
What exactly are you trying to accomplish by doing this?
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Yeah, why not just use acoustic strings?

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