Rather an unusual topic, but I bought myself an Ibanez S570DXQM and I don't have case that fits.

The cases I have are TKL strat cases.
Sure the guitar fits in it, but I think it has to much space to move around.
The body of the S570 is much thinner and a bit smaller...

Can anyone advise me which case suits best?
I don't like to damage my guitar when traveling...

thanks all for your responses!
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Ibanez M100c or M5C?

I personally use my £35 gear4music.co.uk case and put a lil bit of bubblewrap inside.


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Mine fits just fine in a standard Fender Stratocaster molded plastic case.
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How much protection are you looking for? I took my S2170 out of the original case and put it into a Reunion Blues case, to keep it safe. Not cheap, but a lot less than the guitar.
Hey thanks for the tips!
I got myself a Prestige ibanez case, shaped for s-guitars...

best fit I've found here in the neighbourhood... and fits perfectly!
got it for 100euro (£86) new!

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