Hey UG,

Recently I've being going over the debate of putting either a P-90 or a single coil, or just a humbucker with coil splitting in the neck position of my SG. All of those options ofcourse have their own flaws... But then I saw THIS!


Is it really as good as it sounds and I can get single coil tones AND P90 tones out of a single pickup? Or is it just all marketing talk?

Any experience with this pickup will be really appreciated.

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I've always wanted a P-Rail.
Min had one and he said the P90 half is better than the single coil side.
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^ yeah i've never tried them either, but i think people seemed to be saying that they were pretty good, as long as you didn't expect to absolutely nail all the tones it claimed it'd do (and also, as you said, that some were better than others... the p90 is presumably the best since it's basically a p90 whacked beside a rail pickup, isn't it? )
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I've used all three types (bridge, bridge hot, neck) and across a couple of guitars. I've not stuck with them, and for good reason. The P-90 tones are pretty good in the regular bridge and neck models, but the neck humbucker mode overpowers the bridge by a long, long way The hot bridge fixes this problem in humbucker mode, but the P-90 selection on that is horribly thin, just like a cheap Strat pickup in a basic Strat copy.
The rail coil, in all three versions, is pretty terrible. It certainly sounds nothing like a normal Strat or Tele pickup. Really, it sounds like the P-90 mode just with all the bass cut out.

If you really need P-90 and humbucker tones in all positions and don't care about having a specific tone, just an all-round one, then the regular P-Rails do an okay job. Or, at least, they do a better job than splitting a regular humbucker does.
If you want to get Strat-like or Tele-like tones then you need to look elsewhere; there are pickups like the SD Stag Mag and Rio Grande Tallboy that will split to these tones perfectly, but this comes at the cost of messing with the humbucker tone a lot.

Honestly, if I was looking ot make a guitar that could do every type of tone, I wouldn't bother with passives at all. I'd grab a couple of EMG 89XRs and a VMC mid control and that will do anything, convincingly. Or I'd get a Line 6 JTV guitar, o' course.
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