Hey guys, I thought it would be a good-ish idea since I got a band going for once that I would promote it on here and see what some of y'all think. Right now we're going through a style/line-up change than our live videos on youtube but we've managed to record this song right here:


So if ya like it swing by our facebook page and say hi!


We've got more new stuff to come over the next few weeks and I hope some of y'all can enjoy it with us!

Drums too high in the mix. Is the drums programmed? Sounds like its programmed and its all over the place. Keep it to the minimum and maintain some sort of groove, bro. Guitars too low and a bit fuzzy. But dark stuff you got here... I like the direction.
Yeaaaa we aint recording with pro-stuff but ya get the idea. The drums are programmed and thats just his style as far as not sticking to an ordinary beat, Gary's different...but for the most part in his other songs he writes/records he makes it work. Guitars...well thats my bad. I brought my line 6 instead of the JCM because I was scared of Garys idea for recording. Better to play it safe and not fry my Marshall lol. But dude thanks for listening, even for me this was kind of an awkward song recording and even listening to but I think we're going to be alright.