C4C as always. I've been working on my singing for around a year now so I thought I'd post a short clip and see what others' opinions of me are. Please, be harsh. You won't hurt my esteem.
The video is posted as unlisted so let me know if you have a problem viewing it. Thanks!
I would recommend that you focus on both parts individually before putting them together. It sounds like you don't quite have the singing down, some notes are going noticeably flat. Practice the singing on it's own, either with just the acoustic recording or backing track, and really hone in on the notes, record takes and figure out what you think could be improved.
Honestly I don't the song but here is what I think. The singing is pitchy at some spots but overall not bad at all. It kinda sounds like you're not as confident in your voice as you should be. Your voice isn't bad all so I'm sure you'll get more confident as you continue to sing. The guitar playing is just basic. Which is fine; just not much to comment on it.

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Thanks Kevin
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the singing was good except for some parts where u were out of tone ...
and for the playing ... i felt in some parts that the strums are irregular or out of tempo but u fixed that as soon as it happened !

anyway overall its good but u need to practice each part alone before putting the whole package together ^^
and u could have made it a video ... it would be better than sound only

C4C ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1583325
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Thanks for the helpful critiques. I left you guys critiques as well