Nice and mellow, kinda like the chorusy intro.

0:39 - Like the weird vocal stylings

1:10 - Cops came by to stop my suicide attempt!

1:40 - My dog began to sob. I like the vocal stylings here

I can hear a base line in my head - would fill it out.

The vocals hold my attention, but the angsty lyrics are a little tough to swallow.

Keep on writing and recording!

Give a look at mine and kick my balls in return.


Sorry about the heartache. Sometimes writing these sort of songs can be cathartic. Vibrato on the vocals is pretty intense, though it fits the mood, I suppose. Guitar sounds pretty good. Wish there wasn't the background noise, but not a big deal. Sad songs are not typically my favorites, though it's pretty good for that type of song. Please review my music at this link: