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MGMT's wasn't great but it was a lot better than I thought it'd be and I liked it. Arctic Monkeys' new one is their best in years.

Also, holy crap this demo rules.
i like the volcano choir album a lot. didn't like bon iver, bon iver but this was way more interesting for me
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2013 stuff I've been into:
-Dean Blunt from the first half of the year is great. Really depressing though.
-The Field is good to great, as expected.
-King Khan is surprisingly good considering his last EP. Stax horns all over the place.
-Bill Callahan is also great after one listen.

2013 stuff that I'd like to hear people's thoughts on:
-Frog Eyes
-The Dismemberment Plan
Love the new St. Lucia and Smallpools stuff (check em out if you like indie pop). I'm actually seeing them at Hammerstein Ballroom this Thursday so I'll let you guys know how they are live as well!
my opinion the last couple weeks is why would i listen to new music when i can just listen to Devo?
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my opinion the last couple weeks is why would i listen to new music when i can just listen to Devo?

mmm, i ask myself this all the time.
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@CHVRCHES - just listened to it, pretty samey and stuff but not bad. agreeable sounding. Kinda got an xx vibe from a couple of the songs which made me want to die but then i got a New Order sound from a couple other songs which made me want to live again.

Year has kinda sucked tbh.

Saw CHVRCHES in Vancouver back in early Sept. They were great.

I think this year has been great and really satisfying. Been listening to SiriusXMU pretty consistently since May . They do the different blog radios. Been exposed to lots of great stuff.
the new of Montreal's pretty cool. I dig it
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A few albums I love that came out super recently:
-St. Lucia - When The Night (indie pop, I've mentioned them before)
-Conway - Big Talk EP (indie pop/power pop, female fronted)
-INVSN - Self titled (power pop/punk)
-Cage the Elephant - Melophobia (if you don't know what genre Cage The Elephant is I don't know what to do with you)
Very little has taken my fancy this year but three things I would recommend checking before they're gone:

Morgan Delt - Barbarian Kings (7")
Anonymous - Inside the Shadow (re-issue)
Dylan 'Golden' Aycock - Rise & Shine
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That Aycock record Biles recommends is good, though it is from last year.