I ordered an 2012 Epiphone Limited Edition Firebird Studio in TV Pelham Blue at Guitar Center the first weekend of October, 2012. Here it is the middle of January, 2013, and I still don't have it! And I can't find any info about it online anywhere except Zzounds and one other online instrument retailer. Both say they expect them in January, but it's a little weird that there is NO other info on it anywhere. Does anyone have any clue what's going on, and if I should get my money back from Guitar Center?
This isn't the guitarcenter hotline. You might want to call them. Theyd probably be willing to give you a refund if thats what you want and not the guitar.
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Guitars get backordered. Epiphone has had this issue a lot lately, but Guitar Center employees won't know anything until the warehouse has them in. I had to cancel an order through GC when I worked for them because our rep had no idea what was going on with the Epiphone distributor. Check other distributors that aren't a subsidiary of GC and see what their inventory looks like, that's what I did, and I was able to get the guitar for slightly more than what it would have cost with my employee discount.
It's a special run. It probably got delayed. So you can't find any other info because it's a small exclusive run, and if they say they expect them in January I'd say wait three weeks before getting worried.
Perhaps it has been "Extraordinarily Rendered" and taken to a secret C.I.A. black prison in some Third World hellhole, where it is being waterboarded for information?

Seriously; like others have said, things get backordered. Retailers and even manufacturers are recovering from the Christmas rush. They are all in the middle of annual inventory, which is a royal pain in the ass to perform. Give it a little time. Good things come to those who wait.
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@AdistantSECOND..If you havnt already recieved your Epi. I found out that the guitar is backlogged, The next run comes out the week of the 7th of July. Stinks waiting but honestly I just bought one of the last first run Pelham blue Firebirds and its a beast worth the wait, I hope when you do get yours you love it as well. Good Luck and no Im not a Guitar Center employee I just randomly shop there(hate their fast food music approach) Good Luck my friend