So I've finally got a job that doesn't have crap wages. I've decided to start savng for a gig amp, and my heart is set on a Mesa. My favorite guitar tones all seem to come from a dual rec. So my questions. I play music like Sleeping with Sirens, Falling In Reverse, and my originals are similar to Alter Bridge and Breaking Benjamin. Should I get the 2 channel version? I'm considerring a head and a 2x12 cab. I've also been looking at the Rectoverb combo, which seems a bit easier on the wallet. How doesit compare to the dual rec? Budget is around $1200 US, will be used for gigging and recording, Keeping my Vypyr for home use, and I'm going used. Also, can either of these amps stay clean at gig volumes without a lot of break up? I need at least decent cleans. And please no 6505 suggestions. Open to stilsuggestions
You can snag a used TremOVerb combo, if weight isn't an issue, for a lot less than your budget, or a head for even less and it'll be better than a RectoVerb. If you're patient, you can get a used RoadKing (first version, not II) for around your budget, give or take a few.

Have you auditioned the Mesas? You may prefer the Mark Series instead of the Rectos.
Its hard to test gear like that where I live. From what I've heard of the Mark series, the tone hasn't been quite mycup of tea. I was actually looking for a Tremoverb but nothing popped up on eBay. And a combo is fine. Honestly I almost prefer a combo.
Get (try first) a used Mark iV.
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Tremoverb, Rectoverb, and 2 Channel Rec should all do the job fine. Between those 3, I'd go with the Tremoverb just because I like good cleans. From my under standing the Rectoverb is pretty similar. If the overdrive were all that mattered, I'd go with the 2 Channel Dual Rectifier for the extra grunt. It seems like many bands that use Rectifiers use the 2 Channel in the studio. But in the end, they're all Rectifiers, they're all going to have a similar overdrive voice, you're not losing out with whichever you get.

For what it's worth, Alter Bridge is a huge influence of mine and I use a Roadster so I can get the cleans, rhythm, and lead all from the same head.
Really? Because I'm In love with Mark Tremontis tone. The nearest guitar centers are about 100 miles away but I'll call and see if they have any Mesas In stock. And if anyone had any sound clips of any of these amps or wanted to record some, It would be a big help :P
I really love Breaking Benjamins tone on the album We Are Not Alone.
It's really dry, raw and focused. Great modern rock tone that doesn't try to sound metal.
That was mainly a Rectifier, and I can nail that sound by plugging straight into my Single Rectifier.
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Keep in mind, Tremonti is using an Uberschall along with his Triple Rectifier. Hard to nail that huge tone with a single amp, though you can probably get close.

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Wow. Yeah definitely digging the tremoverb after listening to 2 hours worth of demos.
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Wow. Yeah definitely digging the tremoverb after listening to 2 hours worth of demos.

Should grab one of those off the GC used site maybe. Under $1000 so well within your budget and low shipping (though you MIGHT end up paying tax). Call the store where they're at and ask about them.

I had to type 'tremoverb' in the search in that link posted above to narrow it down to just the two available.
- Ibanez S570DXQM
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- Fender MIJ Strat
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Well It will be 2 to 3 months before I can afford It. Got bills to pay, not to mention. Saving for an apartment. I have the rest of the rig planned out, just wasn't sure about the amp. As much as I love my Vypyr, its just not going to cut It for live use. Amazing writing/practice amp though.
Tremonti uses a lot of different amps, including Rectifiers, Mark V's, Uberschalls, sometimes marshalls and quirky boutique amps. And that's only for his distorted tone. His clean tone is a mix other popular amps. So good luck trying to replicate his tone...

I think the Mark V's your best bet, but they're probably a bit too expensive.
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On. Just to clarify I don't want to copy his tone, but its one of the tones I would want to base mine off of. I've always loved the sound of Mesas, and now I'm looking to get one as an upgrade from my Vypyr.
Look at the 5:50 Express. Great little combo. It has the two channels, which you'll like.

Love my Mesa.
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I'd take a good look at the Roadster as well.
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