i keep finding myself repeating the same patterns when i shred, i need some tabs to base my shredding off of... tabs please????
Listen to what you're doing more; you keep playing the same things because you're just letting your fingers run over the patterns you know.

Also listen to more music, if you're running out of inspiration then listening to more new music will usually help.
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If you're only going to use tabs you will end up in this situation again. Try to come up with stuff yourself. Be creative.

Suffering a loss in inspiration ? Like zaph said, listen to new music.

You could also break your current boundaries and venture into new, fresh genres to boost your creativity. I myself for example am currently completely hooked on Tosin Abasi's Animals as Leaders because it sounds like nothing I ever heard so far, thus making it both very interesting as well as inspiring. Oddly enough it inspired me to play piano as well, but enough about me. Don't be affraid, just throw yourself in the deep. You won't regret it.
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ask in the tab talk forum if you want, um, tabs.
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