I recently just got back into guitar playing. I suppose I never really stopped, but I guess you could say I've been lazy. The tubes in my amp need replacing, and I need to restock on strings, but enough of that.

When I'm practicing, I usually start by playing to a backing track or two to improve my improv and warm up.

On a side note, Vic Wooten really opened my eyes when it comes to improvising. Here's a video that applies to guitar players too and also includes hidden lessons about life.


After that I set up a click track in Audacity and try to improve my pick hand/fret hand coordination. Right now I can play this phrase at 90 bpm consistently.


Is this a good enough exercise to help me improve? I think that if I can slowly increase my consistency at higher bpm's, I'll play better all over the fret board. Are there any other ways I can improve? And what should I spend more time practicing on?
I think you are doing the right things. However, I would eventually replace the exercise shown with scales. You can then play these scales on quarter notes, either notes, 16th, triplets... you get the idea. Then, you can play them in 3rds, 4ths, etc. The will improve you accuracy and your fingers will develop a muscle memory of the scales making learning new solos, songs, etc easier.
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Is this a good exercise to help me improve

It will surely help you improve, I'm certain of that. However, I'm curious. What is it you want to accomplish with this exercise ? To gain speed ? Fluidity ? Finger independence ?
You say you want to play more fluid all over the fretboard. Then I suggest you play that exercise all over the fretboard, instead of a single position.

And what should I spend practicing on ?

Some key elements
-RELAXATION. Relaxation is key!
>-Correct posture
>-Correct amount of fretting pressure
>-Avoid tension at all times!

>-Small movements take less time to execute, thus leaving you with less tension and more stuff to pay attention to. Economy is key!

-CORRECT TECHNIQUE. Self explanatory: Make sure your technique is 100% correct.
-WARM-UP/STRETCH. Decreases the chance of injury to virtually zero.

ALWAYS apply this to your playing. Always.

Oh and Victor wooten simply is the shit, seems to be a very humble and likeable guy.
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