Colin asked me to build him a matchless dc30. If you don't know a dc30 basically looks like this...

It's a modified Vox ac30 topboost with 4 el84s at 30 watts and some other stuff. Mark Sampson designed and built a majority of these. Mark Sampson is awesome.

I think I will post pictures in the order that makes sense...and not the order that I built the amp in which made no sense.

Here we go bitches.

Step 1: Colin bought all the big hardware parts and had them drop shipped to me. I sourced all the components and small stuffs. So here is a chassis. I stuck some caps on top to try and figure out how much space I had to work with. Not too much it turned out.

Step 2: Sockets and heaters. I screwed in some sockets and wired the heaters. Heater wiring is super important! Not really but it's super easy to teach someone how to do it right and then they can build an amp even if they don't know anything else. True story. Here are my heaters.

That's 2 unbroken pieces of wire. Start to finish. This turned out to be a bad idea or at least a mistake. I brain farted and didn't realize that an EF86 has different heater requirements. Now I know.

Step 3: Oh jeez what did I do next. Oh ya I fitted some switches. Colin needed a switch on the back panel in order to control like every single function of the amp. So, I needed half power switches, solid state/tube rectifier switches, cathode bypass capacitor switches, triode/pentode switches. So much crap. That ended up looking like this

The switches were so complicated that I had to draw a schematic. I hate drawing schematics.

boooo boooo boooo booooo boooo booooo.

Step A. I was waiting for parts to come so I dicked around and did some fittings. I drilled and fitted my turrets and started wiring up what I had to make sure stuff would fit later.

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Step 4: Things started to come in the mail and so it was off to business town.

So the matchless uses all carbon comp resistors. I've never used them before but if that's what was needed I was ok with it. I think the matchless uses a lot of .5 to 1 watt resistors. Those are for babies. I bought as many 2 watters as I could find and matched them by hand.

I also made a decision not to use an electrolytic capacitors in the power supply because electrolytic capacitors are dumb and cheap. So the power supply is all solen film caps.

I think that this picture comes next.

and if we zoom out...

Ok then I finished this part.

That's almost the entire preamp.

Step 5: The original ac30 and matchless amps use shared cathode bias resistors and bypass capacitors on the power tubes. Since this is not an amp for hobos I used a separate set of resistors and caps for each power tube. That is important for the power stage switching as well. So I supposed this is the next picture.

and the zoom out.

Oh ya I had to put the solid state rectifier on a pcb board and screw it down. That happened too. Those are four hexfreds. Very expensive.

Step 5: At this point the transformers came. They were custom ordered from the same people that make the matchless transformers. I had to make some changes to accommodate some of the back panel switching because I am smart like that.

So... French braid the output transformer.

Twist the power transformer

Step 6: Wired the rest of the power supply. Actually a lot of stuff happened since the last picture. You figure it out.

Step 7: I'm tired of typing now. goodbye.

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My favorite part was the adventure.
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I like the part where I get to play it.

And the angry guy on the schematic.
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I like the part where I get to play it.

And the angry guy on the schematic.

def that.
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My favorite part is the PCB and SS stuff.
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def that.

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That looks like a million bucks.

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Loving your wok Min.

Some day, when I have enough money I'm gonna have you build me a nice 2 or 3 channel amp. With reverb and maybe Tremolo.
Channel 1 will be an AC30
Channel 2 will be a Mesa MK IV
Channel 3, no idea.
i've set this thing to self destruct unless colin gets me some clips soon.
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