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Hello there!

Searching for the Kevin Bond Rhoads (black w/neon green bevels).
I am ready to pay up to $1000 including shipping. Please contact me if you do have one and want to sell it for the good price.
If you do have one in absolutely perfect condition let me know, we may talk about the price here.

Hope to get one. Cheers! \m/
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Balls, I sold my Kevin Bond Rhoads about 18 months for £350. Sold it to a guy on here though so there's definately atleast one UGer with one. Good luck mate, they're awesome Guitars
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boarderx-henry, wow mate, maybe you somehow remember this guy and he may sell it to me? Searching for the green-beveled one in great condition pretty desperately right now, haha. I am not English though, I'm from Russia, so the shipping charges would be larger. But it's just unreal to find the one here so I post on UG, SS and other forums.

There is one dude on now with the red/black one but he sells it for £1200 so I was like "Mother of God!", lol. Thank you for your reply, cheers!
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He updated it saying 800+shipping.

Go get it!
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