i want to start learning how to play the guitar, i dont have any experience playing it before and i do not know what one to buy to start learning. i rather it be fairly cheap as it is my first one.

any suggestions and advice is much appreciated.
what kind of music are interested in?
Electric or Acoustic?
Define cheap. What is you budget?
ok, a few things to consider, but two really matter...

The Guitar: There are a few things to consider in your first guitar, first off you have to like the shape and how it looks, if you don't feel good about the guitar and how you look with it you're less likely to pick it up and less likely to continue.

Next is pickup arrangement, I would personally recommend looking at something with both humbucker and single coil pickups, either HSS, HSH, or HH with coil tap so you can get a feel for how both different types work and sound. Although I would just play as many guitars as you can as see what pickups give you a sound you like.

Probably the most important factor in looking for a guitar is the neck. How is feels, how easy it plays, play as many as you can and make sure the one you choose feels comfortable.

Obviously spend too much, but don't cheap out either. Brands to look for are the Squier (specifically the Affinity series), Vintage, Washburn, Epiphone. You really just need to find what you like.

The Amp: You probably want to start out with something small, with built-in modelling. I would suggest something like the Peavey Vypyr 30.
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