Isn't it funny
the way that a time of day knows me better than you
ever did?

How I can tell the hushed nearly-dawn silence
things that I couldn't say to just anyone
without them looking at me like I was crazy.
Or even if they didn't,
I'd still be immutable.

Sure, you may know my favourite colours
you may have even painted them on your bedroom walls
but you don't know the exact moment I fell in love,
or the exact moment I realized you'd fallen


like 5 a.m. does.
Hey there, I enjoy what you've got started with this piece! I like the way you set up your second stanza, it was very straightforward but it wasn't too blunt as to take me out of the poem. Also, I loved the separation of the word 'out', it made what could've been a cliche end to a stanza hit much harder. I do feel, however, that the second line of the poem is a little too long, it seems to stick out between the shorter lines it's sandwiched between. Maybe splitting it up between 'day' and 'knows'? Whatever you decide to do, I like what you have here already!
congrats man. stick around! this was a really solid, relatable piece.

I enjoyed it greatly

What he said.

"Success is as dangerous as failure. Hope is as hollow as fear." - from Tao Te Ching