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I'm trying to figure out the technique that John Mayer is using in this video:

(time: 3 minutes 48 seconds)

He is making a percussive noise whilst playing the notes (hitting the strings three times). I know what notes he's playing but I can't seem to get my right hand to bounce and create the percussive effect as he is doing it. I can't figure out how he is playing the notes and hitting the strings simultaneously.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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He is thumping on the strings with his thumb. Really cool old delta blues technique.
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This is just a matter of developing your internal timing, it comes very naturally after that. Like Angusman60 said he is hitting the strings with his thumb/ nails of fingers 2,3,4.

If you want more specific advice: practice with a metronome. Mute the strings with the left hand and start "drumming" on the muted strings.